IUPUI Board of Advisors

About the IUPUI Board of Advisors

The IUPUI Board of Advisors serves in an advisory capacity to the IUPUI chancellor. In addition, the IUPUI chancellor keeps the board up-to-date on educational, research, and community engagement activities or matters of priority relating to the growth and success of IUPUI and higher education in the region and state of Indiana.

The board’s contributions include:

  • Providing input on IUPUI’s role and activities in the economic development of the region, relating campus priorities to community needs, specifically to business, industry, healthcare providers, schools, and nonprofits.
  • Advocating for IUPUI and helping to strengthen relationships between the campus and its many constituencies, including, but not limited to, other area educational institutions, healthcare providers, key community businesses and nonprofit organizations, and state and local government.
  • Supporting IUPUI philanthropically, enhancing external funding support for IUPUI, and serving as active advocates and volunteers to assist IUPUI in its fundraising initiatives.


IUPUI is proud to have a Board of Advisors whose members have achieved a record of distinguished community involvement and represent a range of expertise and experience with representatives from the education, health and life sciences, business and industry, and nonprofit sectors. Board members demonstrate strong commitment to IUPUI through their advice, advocacy, and advancement.

By accepting an appointment to the Board of Advisors, members agree to the following expectations and commitments:

  • Attend and participate in quarterly board meetings and other activities as approved by board membership.
  • Become familiar with the academic programs offered by IUPUI and help the campus identify changing needs in the community.
  • Provide input on strategic and long-range planning and program priorities, vision and mission statements, and goals and objectives consistent with university and community needs.
  • Advocate for IUPUI in the community, which may involve contacting legislators, talking with current and prospective students, meeting with alumni and community leaders, and/or attending or helping host campus-related events.
  • Help identify area business, industry, and community education and health needs.
  • Serve on at least one Board of Advisors committee on appointment by the chancellor.
  • Contribute financially to IUPUI on an annual basis at a level commensurate with individual ability and assist in the identification, cultivation, solicitation, and/or stewardship of gifts from individuals, foundations, and corporations, as appropriate.


The Board of Advisors consists of 23 external members. The chancellor recommends prominent community leaders for appointment to the president of Indiana University with approval by the IU Board of Trustees. Nominations for replacements will be accepted by the chancellor from the Board of Advisors.

Board members will serve staggered three-year terms with the exception of designated members—those appointed by virtue of their position/office—who will serve concurrently with their tenure in that position/office. Members will be eligible for reappointment with a maximum of six consecutive years. The chancellor will appoint a chair and a vice chair to serve two-year terms. The vice chair will rotate into the position of chair when the chair’s term expires.

Meet the IUPUI Board of Advisors

See the 2023-24 board members

The following organizations/areas have ex officio representation on the IUPUI Board of Advisors through designated members:

  • IU Board of Trustees
  • Purdue Board of Trustees
  • IU Foundation Board of Directors
  • IUPUI Alumni Council
  • Indiana General Assembly – Senate
  • Indiana General Assembly – House of Representatives
  • Indianapolis City-County Council Representatives
  • Mayor, City of Indianapolis
  • Mayor, City of Carmel


Each board member is expected to sit on at least one committee of the Board of Advisors. All committees, with the exception of the executive committee, will facilitate exchange between IUPUI representatives and community leaders in their respective areas of concentration, to encourage a welcoming campus environment and deepen the understanding of economic and workforce development, quality of life, funding priorities, and policy issues of significance to the region.

The purpose of this committee is to advise IUPUI regarding matters pertaining to the social and artistic environment of the campus, including public art, student health, wellness, and safety. The committee may identify activities and programs that would strengthen the sense of community on campus among students and assist with future needs in areas that impact campus life, such as intercollegiate athletics. (Staff Liaison, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs)

The purpose of this committee is to identify ways that IUPUI can bring its resources and/or expertise to address community problems or issues, thus increasing the awareness and impact of IUPUI throughout its service region, and to find ways to improve and expand the IUPUI’s relationships with business, industry, schools, alumni, and the diverse communities the campus serves. (Staff Liaison, Managing Director for Alumni Engagement)

The purpose of this committee is to develop strategies and programs to maximize opportunities to generate private support for the campus from individuals, foundations, and corporations and to engage the entire board in the development process. (Staff Liaison, Vice President of the IU Foundation, Indianapolis)

Members are appointed as officers of the IUPUI Board of Advisors by the chancellor as chair, and vice chair. Executive committee membership includes the officers and a board representative of each committee, IU Trustee, Purdue Trustee and IU Foundation representatives. The executive committee serves as an agenda committee and recommends candidates for board nomination to the chancellor. (Staff Liaison, Vice Chancellor for Community Engagement)

Special committees will be established from time to time to address pressing matters or opportunities for the campus and the community. The chancellor will appoint membership from the Board of Advisors as well as other representatives with subject matter expertise. (e.g. 50th Anniversary, Welcoming Campus Initiative, Athletics, Campaign events)