Shreve Gateway Dedication

Recognizing Farsighted Vision

Today, as we celebrate Mary and Jefferson Shreve's generosity with the dedication of this gateway named in their honor, we are also celebrating their creation of two scholarships to support IUPUI students.

Of course, when we have a ceremony at the foot of a 52-foot gateway — the Shreve Gateway — I'll admit it's hard to take your eyes off that magnificent new landmark.

As you look at it, I'd like for you to think about those scholarships and the farsighted vision that this gateway recognizes.

It's a vision focused on academic excellence and student success, and that vision came from Mary and Jefferson Shreve.

Opening Doors of Opportunity for IUPUI Students

Through their vision and desire to make a difference in IUPUI student lives, Mary and Jefferson have opened doors of opportunity with two new scholarships.

The Shreve Opportunity Scholarship supports qualified Hoosiers in need of financial assistance as they work towards their IUPUI degrees, and the Shreve Study Abroad Scholarship provides support for qualified Hoosiers who want to study abroad but have unmet financial need.

These scholarships are vital to our students. They provide financial support to those who need it most. This also translates into students who are more engaged, more informed about the world around them, and more likely to succeed.

Student success is at the heart of the Shreve's vision and legacy, and this gateway has been named in their honor to recognize that vision and legacy.

Constructed to reflect the architecture of our campus, this new campus landmark is not only a monument to student success. It represents the deep sense of pride we feel for this campus. It is a visible symbol of our commitment to educating future generations.

The Shreve Gateway: At Home in Indianapolis and at IUPUI

I have heard that the Shreve Gateway is one of a handful of major landmarks visible from airplanes that fly over the city of Indianapolis, and that's an image that stays with me. Residents of this city can look out their plane windows upon their approach and see this monument to outstanding education and student success. Like all of us here at IUPUI, they will see the Shreve Gateway and know that they are home again.

Would you join me in thanking Mary and Jefferson Shreve once again for all that they have done for the IUPUI campus and our students.

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