September 7, 2016

A Milestone in Student Life at IUPUI

Dedication of North Hall
Hine Hall Auditorium, IUPUI
Indianapolis, Indiana

Introduction: Making History @ IUPUI

Thank you, President McRobbie, and thank you all for joining us for today’s celebration.

A little over three weeks ago, I was delighted to be a part of Move-In Day at IUPUI. I met the first official North Hall resident De’Jayla Young.

I don’t mean to exaggerate, but it felt like we were making history at that moment. De’Jayla is one of seven hundred students whose lives will be transformed by North all, and North Hall has already changed the life of the IUPUI campus.

My conversation with De’Jayla reinforced the vital role campus housing plays in creating opportunities for student engagement and student success.

North Hall is just the type of space that our 21st century students need. 

The Right Place for the 21st Century Student

The design of this wonderful space draws on the very best ideas from across the country, creating the optimal student living and learning environment. This new hall balances open, collaborative spaces with rooms that provide the quiet privacy that many students need to concentrate while studying, preparing for classes, tweeting, snapchatting, and other things our students do these days.

This is just the type of space that our 21st century students need.

According to a recent National Survey of Student Engagement, compared to their off-campus counterparts, first-year students who live on campus spend more time preparing for class and more time in co-curricular activities, both of which are key indicators for future academic success.

Researchers at UCLA have also noted the strong connection between living on campus during the first year of college and graduating—we hope—four years later. At the four year mark, those who lived on campus as beginning students were nearly 65% more likely to be graduating than those who lived off campus.