IUPUI Commencement 2022

The Next Chapters in the Jaguar Story: Presenting the IUPUI Class of 2022

May 14, 2022
Michael A. Carroll Track and Soccer Stadium
Indianapolis, Indiana


President Whitten, university trustees, parents, friends, colleagues: I am pleased to present this very special Class of 2022.

Feats of Human Achievement

This is only the second time in IUPUI history that we have held our commencement ceremony on campus at Michael Carroll Stadium. I am thrilled to be here with all of you —literally on our “home turf”—recognizing all you have done over these past few years. 

We are in the zone of champions today. Olympians have competed at the Natatorium just across the way.  Our IUPUI women’s basketball team—two-time Horizon League Champions—battled in the Jungle. Our IUPUI men’s cross country team—three-time Horizon League Champions—practiced right here on this track.

And today, we have a stadium full of champions—every single one of you, our 2022 IUPUI graduates.   

Class of 2022, we are incredibly proud of all that you have achieved. Today’s event marks the culmination of years of hard work during which this class has been tested and triumphed.

Building a Culture of Engagement, Service, and Care

Let’s be honest: College IS hard work and takes time, no matter the level. All of you faced challenges in the classroom, studio, lab, and clinic along the way, meeting deadlines, mastering difficult material, making the grade. In the spirit of our campus, you have also gone the distance to make our campus and our world a better place through your engagement in student organizations, philanthropic causes, service learning, clinical practice, internships, work in the community, and so much more.

Whether you were involved in Jagathon Dance Marathon or VIDA [VEE duh] Health Partnerships, Regatta or Student Government, Bepko Peer Mentors or Life-Health Sciences Internships, you have helped build upon the culture of engagement, service, and care here at IUPUI.

Many of you have been shouldering these responsibilities while taking care of your own families, striking the difficult balance between the classroom and life at home.

This class knows—maybe more than most—that being great students and great people in and out of the classroom takes time, energy, and determination.

Klein delivers remarks at may 2022 commencement

Over the years, we have come to expect this kind of resourcefulness and commitment from IUPUI Jaguars, and the Class of 2022 has exceeded our expectations.

IUPUI Interim Chancellor Andrew R. Klein

The Added Challenge of COVID-19

Of course, for this class, COVID-19 added yet another challenge. For many, the pandemic posed a personal threat as well as a danger to your families and other loved ones. The stress has been tremendous. For those of you who earned your degrees in the health professions, the burden has been of a different order. Members of this remarkable Class of 2022, I commend you for all that you have done to succeed and stay safe not only for yourselves but for all of us.

On the Cusp of Your Future

But today, let’s look ahead. Your commencement is just the beginning as you stand on the cusp of your future.

Of course, accomplishments won’t come easily. Just like your time here at IUPUI, professional life beyond is rigorous, and there will be times that you will feel the pressure and stress that go along with building a career and holding positions of increasing responsibility.

But this class has a tremendous advantage.

You have faced so much to get to this day of celebration. This remarkable class has grown stronger in the face of these challenges, and that strength has prepared you for whatever the future may hold.

In my mind’s eye, I can see all of you graduates out there right now. I don’t know where you will go in the days ahead, and I don’t know what you will do.

What I do know is that—because of your efforts and your education here at IUPUI—you will be ready for anything. 

I can’t wait to see the heights you reach as you boldly meet your futures.

Congratulations, Class of 2022.