Search Committee

2021-22 Search Committee Roster


Reinhold Hill, Vice Chancellor and Dean, IUPU Columbus

Faculty Representatives

Christopher Coleman, Associate Dean and Professor, School of Nursing, Indiana University Fort Wayne

Cheryl Duncan, Director and Assistant Professor, Clinical Radiologic and Imaging Sciences, Indiana University Fort Wayne

Steve Ellinwood, Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor, Biomedical Sciences and Comprehensive Care, School of Dentistry, Indiana University Fort Wayne

Leslie Hoffman, Assistant Professor of Anatomy, Cell Biology and Physiology,
School of Medicine, Indiana University Fort Wayne

S. Sage Lee, Clinical Associate Professor, School of Medicine, Indiana University Fort Wayne

Ann Obergfell, Associate Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs and Operations, Indiana University Fort Wayne

Aisha Smiley, Bachelor of Social Work Program Coordinator and Clinical Assistant ProfessorSchool of Social Work, Indiana University Fort Wayne

Staff Representatives

David Chappell, Director of Enrollment Management, Indiana University Fort Wayne

Erika Klingler, Coordinator of Clinical Performance and Simulation, School of Nursing, Indiana University Fort Wayne

Student Representative

Yusra Yasir Saleh, Health Science Undergraduate, Indiana University Fort Wayne

Community Representative

Julie Inskeep, President of the Journal Gazette Company, IU Foundation Board Member