Wayne Eckerle

Vice President of Global Research and Technology, Cummins, Inc.

Wayne Eckerle


Since joining Cummins in 1989, Wayne has held leadership positions in metrology, quality, fuel systems technology, thermal and fluid sciences, and advanced engineering. In his present position, Wayne is responsible for developing and integrating technology for Cummins’ next generation of products, developing advanced computer simulation and advanced manufacturing capability, deploying engineering processes to improve product development efficiency, and creating the technology roadmaps to deliver future products.

Prior to joining Cummins, Wayne worked at United Technologies Research Center for 10 years on a variety of internal flow projects including chemical laser systems, scramjets, and gas turbine combustion. Wayne was also an associate professor at Clarkson University teaching classes in thermal sciences and performing research in turbulent separated flows, two-phase flow heat transfer, and supersonic combustion.

Wayne received a BS in 1975 and MS in 1976 in aeronautical engineering from Purdue University and a PhD in fluid mechanics from the University of Connecticut in 1985.

Wayne received the Cummins J. Irwin Miller Award of Excellence in 2005, an Honorary Doctorate from Purdue University in 2009, the Cummins Julius Perr Innovation Award in 2009, and became a Society of Automotive Engineers Fellow in 2011.