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Welcome from the Chancellor

Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis is an urban research university based on a distinctive interinstitutional partnership that thrives on close connections with our city. It's all in our name.

The IUPUI campus is located in the heart of downtown Indianapolis.

At IUPUI, you'll find academic programs that take advantage of both our IU/Purdue connections and our urban location. Our faculty lead the world in research from the life sciences to the liberal arts and have developed award-winning programs that help students succeed in achieving their academic goals, including nationally recognized service learning, undergraduate research, and effective first-year experience programs for students.

Throughout our history, IUPUI has been an engaged university—engaged in delivering academic programs to meet community needs, engaged in practice-based education around the city, engaged in partnerships for economic development, engaged in research that translates into solutions-not only for our city but for cities around the world confronting the same issues and concerns.

Additionally, IUPUI is the premier site for professional education in Indiana, including law, medicine, nursing, dentistry, other health professions, social work, business, and art. Interdisciplinary programs, such as philanthropy, informatics, and renewable energy studies, are a hallmark of IUPUI's academic agenda.

The willingness to be creative with teaching strategies, to be innovative in research, and to engage the community in finding solutions creates a cascade of impact that has made IUPUI a nationally recognized leader-7th among "Up and Coming Schools to Watch" according to US News and World Report. Thanks to our unique history and development, IUPUI has become a model urban campus where impact is made, every day.