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From the Desk of the Chancellor – December 11

The Strategic Planning process is moving briskly forward. Already 10 strategic directions have emerged in retreats, meetings, campus and community written comments, and the first stakeholder forums. Last week, the Steering and Planning Committees for "Vision 2025: Commitment to Indiana and Beyond" met to come up with one big, bold, transformational idea that could propel us forward in each of these areas:

  1. Optimize our Enrollment Management
  2. Deepen our Commitment to Community Engagement
  3. Increase Capacity for Graduate Education
  4. Strengthen Internationalization Efforts
  5. Accelerate Innovation and Discovery
  6. Transform Online Education
  7. Develop Faculty and Staff
  8. Promote Undergraduate Student Learning and Success
  9. Promote an Inclusive Campus Climate
  10. Leverage our Strengths in Health and Life Sciences

The group understands the context in which we are operating. Our city would have failed if IUPUI had not been created. In 1969, Indianapolis was a city without an educational spine. Forty-three years later, we have proven to ourselves that this institution exists because of our commitment to change our city for the better, and we have proven to our community that we can be better than "good." We can be a "great university for a great city" -- the phrase that launched us and the vision that keeps us moving forward—and we can be the "best" there is in some areas -- from Larry Einhorn's life-saving regimen for the treatment of testicular cancer to establishing a School of Philanthropy that, right out of the gate, has the reputation for being the premiere academic program in the world.

Moving forward we must embrace our distinctiveness. We are not like any other campus in the state. We are a unique blend of programs, location, students, staff, and faculty. Given our size and scale, what we do has potential for great impact. That is not just a slogan we put on billboards. It is true. Perhaps the smartest thing we ever did was to craft a mission statement that told people who we were, and what we intend to do, and that set us to a standard we collectively upheld.

As we look to the future, we have to hold onto what we do really well, and we have to continue to do it well. We owe that to our community and ourselves. The task before us for Vision 2025 is to make sure the strategic initiatives we put forward succeed up to our expectations and our community's.

What would your big, bold idea be to advance one of the 10 strategic initiatives in your field or place of work?

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