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From the Desk of the Chancellor – October 23

This week's strategic planning probe focuses on fully integrating international and intercultural experiences into IUPUI. We are one of eight universities selected to participate in the American Council on Education's Internationalization Laboratory, a process that will dovetail with the IUPUI Strategic Plan. We want to consider questions like these:

  • IUPUI is well known for its Heiskell Award-winning strategic international partnerships (Moi University, Sun Yat-Sen University). What is our evidence that they are as effective as they can be? Are there other models we should consider? Are there other partnership opportunities to develop (e.g., our emerging partnership in Hildalgo, Mexico)?
  • Given IUPUI's high degree of civic engagement with the city and state, are we considering their vision for internationalization and how we can be a capacity-building partner in achieving mutually beneficial goals that make Indianapolis, Indiana, and IUPUI stronger?
  • Now that IUPUI will have more students than ever living on campus, how can we ensure a welcoming campus environment for international students as well as a global learning context for domestic students in interactions among people of diverse cultures at home and abroad?
  • Since identifying learning outcomes related to internationalization is a goal of participating in the ACE lab, are there refinements that need to be made to our Principles of Undergraduate Learning to achieve better definitions or assessment measures related to internationalization?
  • At IUPUI, retention rates are higher for international students than for domestic students. Do we know why? Can we apply similarly effective practices to other groups at risk for failing to complete their degrees?

According to Dr. Barbara Hill, ACE Senior Associate for Internationalization, "IUPUI is on the cutting-edge in strategic internationalization, but in a changing landscape, the cutting-edge is always shifting." A great metaphor for the work IUPUI has undertaken!

Dr. Hill and her colleague, Brad Farnsworth, Director, ACE Center for Internationalization and Global Engagement, noted that IUPUI was selected for the ACE Laboratory because it was "primed" (by previous 2004 participation), "organized" (thanks to previous work on learning outcomes related to the PULs), and at a "point of transition" (owing to new leadership in Academic Affairs and International Affairs). They led a series of meetings on campus last week, including one with the IUPUI Leadership Team and External Advisory Group, to lay the groundwork for the work ahead.

My thanks to all who are sending comments to my weekly probes -- your insights and commitment to making IUPUI illustrate why our future is promising.

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