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From the Desk of the Chancellor – September 18

A study called "The Young and the Restless" (Cortright, 2005) found young adults are mobile in seeking career opportunities and willing to move to a place without having a job already lined up. Just this month, Forbes reported research that found young professionals in Indianapolis were among the happiest in the country. We were the only city in the top five that wasn't in California!

The list was based on surveys of more than 38,000 participants nationally who had been in their full-time jobs fewer than 10 years. They were asked to rate 10 key factors that affect workplace happiness, including work-life balance, one's relationship with the boss and co-workers, the work environment, job resources, compensation, growth opportunities, company culture, company reputation, daily tasks, and job autonomy. They also indicated how important each factor was to their overall happiness at work.

Thus, having happy young professionals is a sign Indianapolis can be competitive in recruiting and retaining talent. A key strategic planning question is how our graduates feel about IUPUI and Indianapolis. Take a look at these results from IUPUI's 2011 Recent Alumni Survey and think about what these findings say about the future of Indianapolis and IUPUI: 86% of working bachelor's degree holders who responded reported that they are working in Indiana.

  • 87% of employed bachelor's respondents reported that their IUPUI education prepared them very well or somewhat well for their job.
  • 94% of working bachelor's respondents reported that their IUPUI education enhanced their prospects for future advancement very well or somewhat well.
  • 95% of bachelor's respondents reported they were very satisfied or satisfied with the overall quality of the education they received at IUPUI.
  • 79% of bachelor's reported that their job is directly related or somewhat related to their IUPUI degree program.
  • Of 75% who responded, baccalaureate degree graduates are almost equally divided among careers in large corporations, educational institutions or organizations, and small businesses.
  • 25% of recent baccalaureate degree alumni are earning above $50,000 per year, and only 16% earning less than $20,000.

It is fair to read these results as positive about our graduates' satisfaction (87-95% satisfied), but is that good enough? What do you think?

Link to complete results of the 2011 Recent Undergraduate Alumni Survey:

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