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From the Desk of the Chancellor – April 24

At today's (April 24) Civic Engagement Showcase and Symposium, we made a special announcement to honor the tremendous legacy left by Professor Bob Bringle, who is retiring this year and stepping down from his role as founding director of the Center for Service and Learning. From this day forward, this annual event will be known as the Robert Bringle Civic Engagement Showcase and Symposium.

Bob Bringle has been the guiding force behind IUPUI's prominence in advancing service learning in the curriculum, promoting civic engagement as a signature characteristic of the campus, and putting civic-mindedness forth as a distinguishing trait of our graduates. He has worked to make service a more highly valued and rewarded part of the academic careers of fellow faculty. He also led the creation of the Sam Jones Scholarship Program, one of the first in the nation to recognize students' community service as a meritorious attribute. He is known as one of maybe a half-dozen people in all of the United States to have made service learning as a high-impact educational practice the global phenomenon that it has become.

Through his individual effort, as well as through his ability to inspire others to equal commitment and enthusiasm, he has made IUPUI one of the most widely recognized universities in the country for civic engagement, including being named to the 2006 US President's Honor Roll for Civic Engagement, the very first such designation, and the first of four such recognitions. And IUPUI has been recognized continuously since 2003 in U.S. News & World Report for service learning. There are many, many more distinctions we have earned, thanks to Bob Bringle.

We are pleased that this annual celebration of civic engagement will forever carry his name as a reminder of the deep and lasting impression he has made on the institutional character of IUPUI.

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