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Greetings from IUPUI

December 2004

Did you know . . . the IUPUI campus has 120,301 living graduates. Of those, 75,369 hold at least one undergraduate degree from the campus and 49,464 have at least one graduate-level degree.

In this issue:

Huntington’s Program Now a Center of Excellence

The Huntington’s disease program at our IU School of Medicine has been recognized as a Center of Excellence, one of only four such designations bestowed nationally this year by the Huntington’s Disease Society of America.

The School of Medicine has long been a leader in Huntington’s disease research.   In 1983, Dr. P. Michael Conneally, Ph.D., and his colleagues at IU, in collaboration with an international group of genetics researchers, located the first DNA marker for the disease on chromosome 4.  In 1984, the Department of Medical and Molecular Genetics established the world’s first DNA bank, which was created to store individual and family DNA samples for future genetic testing for many different disorders, including Huntington’s disease. The school, in collaboration with the National Institutes of Health, founded the National Research Roster for Huntington Disease Patients and Families.

Fulbright Scholars Announced

The Fulbright Scholar Program annually sends nearly 800 U.S. faculty and professionals to 140 countries and brings 800 foreign faculty and professionals to the U.S. This year four IUPUI faculty received a Fulbright for teaching and research abroad.

IUPUI’s newest Fulbright Scholars are Frederick Bein, Department of Geography, who will lecture and conduct research on environmental conservation and agricultural adjustments to the environment in Mozambique; Keith Michael Kovach, Department of Mechanical Engineering Technology, who will do work in media studies in Romania; Karen Kovacik, Department of English, who will translate cycles of metaphysical poems in Poland; and Mohamed Nalim, Department of Mechanical Engineering, who will teach computer-aided design in Sri Lanka.

IUPUI is also hosting a visiting Fulbright scholar: Sofija Micic, who is with the School of Medicine, University of Belgrade. She will be doing linguistic research on medical terms in English and Serbian.

Herron Becomes Herron School of Art and Design

The Herron School of Art received approval to change it name to the Herron School of Art and Design. For more than a century, Herron has served as the training ground for some of the nation's most prestigious artists involved in painting, sculpture, ceramics, printmaking, photography, furniture design, and visual communication. The addition of “Design” better reflects the balance between Herron's 800-plus students who are seeking degrees in fine arts or visual communication.

The new name is already carved on Eskenazi Hall—the new home for Herron.  Effective May 2005, the school will move from its current home at 1701 North Pennsylvania Street, Indianapolis, to its new IUPUI campus location, at the corner of Military Park and New York Street.

The wonderful new facilities will be showcased at a dedication on June 3, 2005. We hope you will reserve the date to see Eskenazi Hall and enjoy the wonderful art of our students and faculty.

In This Season of Giving . . .

We mourn the passing last month of Sam Masarachia, a retired United Steelworkers of America representative, whose $1.2 million gift to the School of Liberal Arts established a scholarship program under his name. Currently 12 students are enrolled at IUPUI as Masarachia Scholars. The first three recipients of the scholarship, Evelyn Hovee and Bridget Tucker, both of Indianapolis, and Tim Moriarty of Carmel, are scheduled to graduate this May.

Our thanks to the Lilly Endowment, Inc., which has awarded Indiana University a $26 million grant­—to be used to recruit leading neuroscience researchers, establish the  Hoosier Presidential Scholars program, and enhance IU’s arts and humanities programs.  Our thanks to the Lilly Endowment also for their support to expand life sciences research at IU Bloomington.

Won’t you consider giving to a college or university of your choice this holiday season? Indiana taxpayers can reward themselves with a tax credit, which can be reported on the CC-40 form we have enclosed for your convenience.

Sandra and I wish you all happy holidays and the very best for the New Year!

Charles R. Bantz