June 2001

In recent weeks, we've had lots of events on campus - alumni programs, graduation-related events, charity, and sporting events. All of these have brought visitors to IUPUI who have either not been here before or who have not been here for a long while. These people invariably express amazement about the growth and development of the campus.

Some assume that the state of Indiana has invested a great deal in the IUPUI campus. Not necessarily so. Of the construction that has taken place in the past 15 years, only about one-third has been paid for by the state. Two-thirds have been paid with gifts, revenues from operations, and various private investments. On the next two pages, you will find a list of projects undertaken in the last several years on campus, along with the amounts provided by the state and other sources.

Not only is this an impressive list of projects, but our neighbors have been busy as well. Buildings have been added by Wishard Hospital, including the 240-bed Lockefield Village long-term care facility and the four-story Primary Care Center. The Roudebush Veterans Administration Medical Center has spent more than $100 million on improvements in such clinical facilities as intensive care, surgery, radiology, cardiology, and primary care. The VA also collaborated with White River State Park to enhance the riverfront alongside Porto Alegre. The renaissance of Indiana Avenue has been carried forward with the recent completion of the Indianapolis Urban League's new headquarters. And, of course, our neighbors to the south in White River State Park have added immensely to our amenable surroundings with the Indianapolis Zoo and botanical gardens, the Eiteljorg Museum, the Indiana State Museum, NCAA Headquarter and Hall of Champions, and much more, including the delightful canal walks that border the campus. I would be remiss if I didn't mention the spectacular new Indiana Historical Society building recently completed on our east border along the downtown canal walk..

All this capital development gives real life to the campaign slogan that we hope you will hear more about as the Campaign for IUPUI unfolds: "IUPUI: The Future is Here."

Building IUPUI with Public and Private Support (1986-2002)
Project Private
Revenues Total    
Riley Hospital Expansion-1986     $25 m $25 m   $50 m
University Place Hotel-1987 $18 m         $18 m
University Place Conference Center-1987     $6 m $6 m   $12 m
National Institute for Fitness & Sport-1987   $3 m $9 m     $12 m
Science, Engineering, & Technology (II)-1988   $20 m       $20 m
Adult Ambulatory Care-1989       $32 m   $32 m
Medical Research & Library-1989   $20 m $14 m     $34 m
Ronald McDonald Addition-1989     $3 m     $3 m
Tennis Center (Indoor)-1990     $3 m     $3 m
Science, Engineering, & Technology (II)-1990   $20 m       $20 m
University Library-1990   $14 m $18 m     $32 m
MRI / PET Facility-1990         $3 m $3 m
Blake Street Garage-1990       $7 m   $7 m
Adult Ambulatory Care Garage-1991 $5 m $5 m
Van Nuys Medical Sciences Renovation-1991 $39 m $39 m
Children's Cancer Center-1992 $7 m $7 m
Cancer Research Center-1993 $22 m $22 m
Riley Outpatient Garage-1994 $9 m $3 m $12 m
Indiana Cancer Pavilion-1994 $20 m $20 m
Environmental Management Facility-1994 $2 m $2 m
Gamma Knife Addition-1996 $4 m $4 m
Lilly Clinical Research Lab-1996 $20 m $20 m
Riley Temporary Clinic-1997 $1 m $1 m
Inlow Hall (Law School)-1998 $21 m $8 m $3 m $32 m
Herron Sculpture & Ceramics Facility-1999 $3 m $3 m
Riley Outpatient Clinic-1999 $46 m $46 m
Child Care Center-2000 $3 m $3 m
Medical Research II-2000* $27 m $27 m
Blackford Street Garage-2000* $12 m $12 m
Communications Technology Complex-2000* $15 m $4 m $19 m
Eskenazi Hall (Herron School of Art)-2001* $9 m $10 m $19 m
Academic Classroom Building-2001* $20 m $20 m
Campus Housing-2001* $30 m $30 m
Campus (Student) Center-2001*   $10 m $44 m $54 m
Office Building-2001*         $25 m $25 m
Underground Garage-2001*       $28 m   $28 m
TOTAL   $194 m $189 m $127 m $186 m $696 m
PERCENT OF TOTAL    28% 27% 18% 27%
* Projects under way or pending.

Note: With the 1997 consolidation of Indiana University's hospitals with Methodist Hospitals, some of the patient care facilities on campus are now managed by Clarian Health Partners, Inc.

IU, Purdue Team Up to Offer Distance Master's Degrees to GM

Using the latest information technology, IU's Kelley School of Business and Purdue's Continuing Engineering Education program join four universities in offering a master's degree in engineering paired with a master of business administration (MBA) via distance education directly to General Motors Corporation professionals. The new double degree program will enable GM employees to earn degrees from their home or office, using the Web and various other media. After earning technical master's degrees from Purdue and other universities, GM engineers then would be eligible to apply for the online MBA program at the IU Kelley School of Business, known as the Kelley Direct Online MBA, which was developed and is administered by faculty on the IUPUI campus. Kelley Direct was the first fully online MBA among the nation's top-20 business schools.

With this combination of degrees, GM employees will better meet industry standards for management roles. Graduates of the double degree program will be able to combine engineering problem solving with financial strategizing. The degree programs includes material tailored to GM and the automotive industry. IU and Purdue are among the first research universities nationally to provide specialized graduate programs in this manner.

GM's Technical Education Program currently offers continuing education with several other universities. The new program will broaden the company's offerings by adding the Kelley Direct Online MBA, a master's degree in engineering from Purdue, a master of science degree in management from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and graduate degrees from other universities involved (Carnegie Mellon University, Kettering University, and the University of Michigan).

The GM double degree program will start next January, with the application and registration process beginning this fall.

Once again, IU and Purdue have found a new way to capitalize on their partnerships for Indiana's benefit, with IUPUI once more at the crossroads.


        Gerald L. Bepko