Chancellor's Newsletter
May 2001

IUPUI's Commencement Is a Highlight of Many a Mother's Day

     On Mother's Day, May 13, during IUPUI's 32nd annual commencement ceremony, President Myles Brand conferred 3,335 Indiana University degrees and President Martin Jischke presented 978 Purdue University degrees. The Class of 2001 joins more than 105,000 living alumni with degrees earned at IUPUI.

     President Brand also awarded four Indiana University honorary degrees:

•    Raymond Leppard, the internationally recognized conductor, performer, composer of film scores, music scholar, and author, who is retiring after 14 years as music director of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra. His honorary Doctor of Music was conferred at both the IUB and IUPUI commencement ceremonies.

•    Doris Merritt, M.D., professor emeritus of pediatrics, who has for many years played a major role in enhancing research on our campus and who received a Purdue University honorary degree in 1997 - in part in recognition of her efforts to establish our biomedical engineering program.

•    George Rawls, M.D., a retired Indianapolis surgeon and former assistant dean of the IU School of Medicine, whose hallmark of service to Indiana has been the personal mentorship and financial support he so generously gave to scores of minority students who have gone on to become successful in their medical careers.

•    Daniel Laskin, D.D.S., a distinguished leader in the field of dentistry, who is praised as a role model of the clinician scholar, whose teaching and mentorship has established among health care providers the "Gold Standard" for treating patients with oral and maxillofacial disorders.

Our warmest congratulations go to all those who earned degrees and to the 10,000 or so family members, friends, and colleagues at the commencement ceremony whose love and support helped our students to achieve their goals.

Masarachia Scholarship Winners Meet Benefactor

     The School of Liberal Arts (SLA) recently announced the first three participants in the Masarachia Scholars Program, a full-tuition scholarship fund. A substantial gift from Sam Masarachia, a retired United Steelworkers of America representative whose formal education ended after the ninth grade, established the IUPUI scholarship program. As Masarachia Scholars, incoming IUPUI freshmen Evelyn Hovee of Indianapolis, Tim Moriarty of Carmel High School, and Bridget Tucker of Franklin Central High School will complete internships during their junior and senior years in addition to required coursework in their selected majors. Sam Masarachia met the scholarship recipients and their family members during the recent SLA Honors Convocation.

New Associate Deans in Key Community-Oriented Programs

      IU Dean of Public and Environmental Affairs Astrid Merget has named James Perry, Chancellor's Professor of Public and Environmental Affairs, as associate dean for SPEA's Indianapolis Programs, replacing Phil Rutledge, who served as interim dean after Mark Rosentraub resigned to become dean of the Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs at Cleveland State. Jim has directed our Ph.D. Program in Public Policy and the Institute for the Study of Government and the Nonprofit Sector and will provide fine leadership.

      In another key appointment, IU School of Nursing Dean Angela McBride named Rose Mays as associate dean for community affairs. Rose brings to the position a longstanding interest in community nursing services. She has been especially helpful in supporting the work of the school's neighborhood-based Shalom Health Care Centers and will continue to facilitate other rich clinical and community experiences for nursing students at all levels. Rose Mays and her husband, Bill, are honorary cochairs of the upcoming Campaign for IUPUI. We congratulate Rose on this promotion and offer our thanks for all her many contributions to IUPUI.

French Professor Didier Bertrand Named Carnegie Scholar

      The Carnegie Academy for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (CASTL) has named Didier Bertrand, professor of French in our School of Liberal Arts, as one of 30 Carnegie Scholars for the year. The highly competitive, nationally prestigious award recognizes outstanding faculty members from various universities and diverse fields.

     During the year, they will work together to develop new conceptual models for teaching aimed at improving student learning. Didier Bertrand was selected to participate as a Carnegie Scholar because of his success in using writing to enhance students' foreign language proficiency.

Med Students Make Spring "House Calls"
While Engineers-to-Be Build "Green House"

      Unloading tools and flowers, a crew of nearly 100 Indiana University School of Medicine students made their annual "Spring House Calls" last month The students, most of whom are in their second year of medical school, helped 24 homeowners spruce up their properties in the Haughville and Blackburn areas of the city's near-westside. Each work crew had specific jobs, ranging from grass-cutting to installing smoke and fire detectors. The student-organized "Spring House Calls" program began in 1996. Since then, nearly 500 students have rolled up their sleeves and logged more than 4,500 hours in service.

     And, thanks to Assistant Professor of Interior Design Elizabeth Coles and students in her Sustainable Design in Engineering and Technology class, a local couple will live in what is believed to be Indiana's first "green" Habitat for Humanity house. It will have low-flow water systems, energy efficient appliances, and other environmentally friendly features. Volunteers from the Purdue School of Engineering and Technology at IUPUI will build the house as a kickoff event for Habitat's 25th anniversary. During the celebration in Indianapolis, 25 new homes will be constructed over a period of five months.

Online Clinical Laboratory Equipment Technology Certificate Expanded

     Thanks to a one-of-a-kind online program at the Purdue School of Engineering and Technology at IUPUI, students from across the country can be certified to work in the growing field of servicing medical laboratory equipment.

     The Clinical Laboratory Equipment Technology program began in 1999 as a resource for Roche Diagnostics to train employees as biomedical electronics technicians. Since providing validation of an individual's qualifications through certification is becoming the "norm" in most businesses, the fast-growing program now includes more than 80 students from companies across the nation. Students can learn anytime and anywhere they can connect to the Internet and typically can complete the certification program within two years.

Largest Spirit of Philanthropy Celebration Ever Honors Sam Jones and Others

     On April 26, we celebrated more than three dozen people and organizations for their support of the campus at IUPUI's 13th annual Spirit of Philanthropy Luncheon. IU President Myles Brand spoke to the nearly 400 people gathered in the new Wabash Room at the Indiana Convention Center about the "seven habits of highly effective philanthropists."

     Among those honored was Sam Jones, who received the Chancellor's Medallion. It recognizes individuals for high achievement or significant accomplishment in a profession; for distinguished service as a public official at the local, state, or national levels; or for significant philanthropic endeavors or service to the local, state, national or international communities.

     In Indianapolis, you would be hard pressed to find anyone who does not know of Sam Jones' work or who has not benefitted in some way from his engagement with community issues and organizations. As director/president/CEO of the Indianapolis Urban League, since 1966, Sam has reached out to every facet of the community, lending his unconditional support, and serving as an excellent communicator among diverse groups. His optimism, empathy, and unique ability to create alliances and shared goals provide inspirational leadership we all admire.

     Sam has been a valued member of the IUPUI Board of Advisors for many years as well as a guiding force in encouraging equality and opportunities for African Americans and developing support networks in housing, employment, health care, education, and citizenship. We were privileged to honor him for his many splendid contributions to our campus and community.


Gerald L. Bepko


     P.S. You have undoubtedly noticed that the envelope for the newsletter is fuller than usual. That's because it contains our annual IUPUI Performance Report, which we publish to keep score on ourselves at IUPUI, and a second copy of the Report to the Community, which we sent last month. The other day, to respond to an inquiry, I reread the Report to the Community. Something bothered me about the text. Sure enough, when I rechecked the references, I discovered some sentences on page 8 that should have been in quotation marks, but were not. Somewhere between the preparation of the original presentation as a speech to a live audience in February and the final printed text version, I failed to enclose those cited passages in quotes and acknowledge their source. No one other than I noticed the oversight until now, but it must be corrected. Please substitute this version for the one you received earlier. To atone for this absent-mindedness, I have paid the cost of reprinting from my own personal funds.

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