August 1997

IUPUI shares in $8 million awarded by the Lilly Endowment to IU of the total $24 million received by four other public universities and nine private colleges statewide to encourage more Hoosiers to earn undergraduate degrees and raise low levels of educational attainment in the state's workforce.

IUPUI Executive Vice Chancellor William M. Plater helped draft the 10-year student retention plan submitted by IU to the endowment. It is designed to improve student success in first-year and foundation skill courses, provide better career counseling and academic advising -- especially for students at risk of dropping out -- create stronger student communities, and support student learning outside the classroom, including technology enhancement.

The endowment grant, combined with other retention efforts already under way, should produce an estimated 1,600 additional graduates systemwide by 2007, including nearly 300 new graduates from our campus. IUPUI's $2.5 million share of the award will enhance efforts already in place in University College.

* * *

And by the way, University College has its first dean -- Scott E. Evenbeck. Scott began his career with IUPUI in 1972 as faculty member in the Department of Psychology and has served since 1990 as associate vice chancellor for undergraduate education.

He was instrumental in shaping IUPUI's portion of the student retention plan mentioned above, and he recently led a consortium from IUPUI, Temple University, the University of Houston and Portland State University in winning a Pew Charitable Trust grant to develop model student learning communities at IUPUI and other urban universities.

Scott's work is highly regarded nationally, and we are confident that he will lead University College with wisdom and the welfare of students ever in the forefront.

* * *

As a partnership campus of Indiana University and Purdue University, IUPUI is especially proud of alumnus/astronaut David A. Wolf, a native of Indianapolis, who holds a medical degree from IU and an electrical engineering degree from Purdue. He represents the wonderful opportunities available to those whose studies cut across disciplines.

Next month, Dr. Wolf will be on the Russian space station Mir. He joined NASA as an astronaut in 1983, having been a research scientist at the Indianapolis Center for Advanced Research for three years during his medical studies at IUPUI. Only 41 years of age, Dr. Wolf now has 11 U.S. Patents, the 1990 NASA Exceptional Engineering Achievement Medal, and the 1992 NASA Inventor of the Year Award.

He was responsible for developing the American Flight Echocardiography, which analyzes the effect of gravity on the heart, lungs, and cancerous tissues and was assigned as chief engineer for the Space Station's medical facilities.

In 1993, he served as astronaut and mission specialist aboard the space shuttle Columbia, a record-setting 14-day voyage dedicated to life sciences research.

He has spent recent months in Russia, learning the language and preparing medical and scientific experiments to be conducted aboard Mir. Dr. Wolf's exceptional achievements and his enthusiasm for embracing new challenges are an inspiration to Boilermakers and Hurryin' Hoosiers alike. We wish him a safe and productive mission.

* * *

Back on earth, we mark the return of William Hodes, a professor at the IU School of Law-Indianapolis, from an 11-month tour of duty with the U.S. Supreme Court as clerk to Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Bill's appointment made history -- he was the first tenured law professor to clerk for the high court. But Bill had to work just as hard as his 35 fellow clerks, many of whom had only recently graduated from law school.

His experience tracking cases, writing briefs, working on emergency appeals in capital cases and a birds-eye view of the Supreme Court will undoubtedly provide rich new material for discussion in Bill's classes this fall.

* * *

Leslie Lenkowsky, departing as head of the Indianapolis-based Hudson Institute -- home to some of the nation's top public policy experts -- will become a full-time professor at the IU Center on Philanthropy next month.

This appointment ensures that the Center will continue its leadership in the inquiry and practice of philanthropy. It also enhances the position of the IUPUI campus as a place for national discussion on the emerging role of philanthropy in the public and private sectors.

Mr. Lenkowsky is among other things a resident fellow of the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research, a presidential appointee to the Corporation for National Service and a former deputy director of the United States Information Agency. He brings to the Center and its programs extensive expertise in welfare and education reform, workforce development, national service initiatives and international diplomacy.

* * *

Jean and I are honored to join Gov. Frank O'Bannon and First Lady Judy O'Bannon in hosting a publication party for Larry Conrad of Indiana: A Biography, on Sept. 24 at University Library. As many of you know, Larry was a former Indiana secretary of state and advised countless elected officials, including Governor O'Bannon, during his life. It is fitting that we will celebrate the publication of this important biography at IUPUI. Larry was a graduate of the IU School of Law-Indianapolis and a long-time member of our Board of Advisors. Larry's papers, which outline his extraordinary career and public service, are archived at our University Library, where they will no doubt inspire future leaders and scholars. Please contact Jane Rooksby at 274-2154 to find out more about the reception, the refreshments for which will be graciously donated by Marsh Supermarkets.

* * *

The Herron Gallery at IUPUI's Herron School of Art regularly features work by some of the world's best artists. This season the gallery will feature paintings, prints and photographs by Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol and Linda McCartney, among many others.

The 1997-98 exhibition schedule kicks off this month with works by painter Robert Colescott, whose work is a fixture in the country's most prominent museums. The show runs through Sept. 27.

The Herron Gallery's annual student exhibitions also showcase great things to come from Herron-trained artists. Indeed, Herron alumna Vija Celmins, who graduated from the school in the early 1960s, just received a $345,000 MacArthur Fellowship in recognition of her outstanding paintings and drawings. For this year's exhibition schedule and gallery hours, please call 920-2420.

* * *

IUPUI this months hosts an international symposium on tissue regeneration, a growing field of scientific inquiry that could produce breakthroughs in health care and improve the quality of life for those who suffer from injured or failed tissues and organs.

David L. Stocum, dean of the Purdue School of Science at IUPUI, is internationally recognized for his work in this area and regenerative biology experts from the world's leading universities will attend. For information, contact the School of Science at 274-1778.

* * *

I have included our new campus view book with this issue of the newsletter. I hope you'll enjoy it and share it with your friends and family.

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Gerald L. Bepko, Chancellor