November 1996

IUPUI opened its doors a bit wider than usual this month for our annual Campus Day, November 10. For the first time, all 18 of our undergraduate, graduate, and professional schools participated, which gave prospective students and families a good sense of how comprehensive our academic offerings are - whether their interests are in art, law, engineering, medicine, dentistry, nursing, education, business, or science. It is also a way for students to get the help they need to begin, resume, or finish their academic careers at the university level.

More than 200 faculty and staff volunteers gave up their regular Sunday afternoon activities to answer questions, conduct tours, run special information sessions on financial aid, and generally make our guests feels welcome.

We also had a reception for IUPUI's 21st Century Scholars and their families. They belong to the more than 2,500 young people across Marion County who dream of being among the first in their families to get a college education, have pledged themselves to good behavior and academic excellence, and who, in return, receive tuition from the state to attend an Indiana college or university.

* * *

The IUPUI Metros men's basketball team was ranked 14th nationally among NCAA Division II teams in ESPN sportscaster Dick Vitale's annual college basketball preview. Returning senior guard Carlos Knox is a preseason All-American. Last year, Carlos was the NCAA Division II player of the year.

The men's basketball team plays its first home game Nov. 16 against Ohio's Walsh University at the IUPUI Gymnasium. The women's basketball team opens at home Nov. 26 against Kentucky's Bellarmine University. For ticket information, call 274-0622.

In other sports news . . . the men's soccer team may post its best record since 1987. If the team wins its final two matches this month, they'll finish 14-5.

* * *

In a gift that is both unique and generous, the Indiana Dental Association has established a $1 million endowed chair at the IU School of Dentistry. Only one other dental association in the nation has done so at a state dental school. The endowment is testimony to the dedication of the school's alumni to their profession and to the excellent reputation the school has earned across the country and around the world. Our IU School of Dentistry tied at 7th place in the U.S. News & World Report rankings of educational programs in the health care professions in 1993, the latest year in which these rankings were published.

The endowment was announced on October 25 during the 54th Annual Fall Dental Alumni Conference. Also announced was the establishment of the Maynard K. Hine Society. Maynard was IUPUI's first chancellor and dean of the School of Dentistry for 23 years. His grandson, Will, received his degree in dentistry here last spring. Contributions to the society will help future generations of students of our IU School of Dentistry.

Maynard, who is approaching age 90, is currently in University Hospital and may appreciate a card or note. The address is 550 University Blvd., Indianapolis, IN, 46202-5250.

* * *

The Indiana Commission on Higher Education will recommend to the Indiana General Assembly that Phase 2 of the Herron and Law School project go forward. This part of project relocates the Herron School of Art to the existing law school building on the main IUPUI campus. In addition to physically unifying Herron with the rest of the university, the new location means Herron will complement the city's surging downtown, providing opportunity for collaborative art festivals and other cultural events.

* * *

Congratulations to James Morris and Jerry Semler, whose outstanding service was recognized last month at the "Opportunities for Excellence" benefit for the Marian College Scholarship Fund. In addition to their impressive civic virtues, both were commended for their support of higher education in Indiana, and I was pleased to be among those to pay tribute.

Jim, chairman of the Indianapolis Water Company, is a longtime member of the IUPUI Board of Advisors, is newly elected to the Trustees of Indiana University, and serves on the advisory councils to the deans of our business, medicine, and nursing schools. He has received two of IU's highest honors -- the Distinguished Alumni Service Awardand the President's Medal of Excellence. He was recently elected treasurer of the U.S. Olympic Committee. Jerry, CEO of American United Life, chaired the Purdue University President's Council and is a member of the Dean's Advisory Council for the Krannert School of Management. He serves on the IU School of Medicine's Advisory Board and helped raise nearly $30 million for the school's recent capital campaign from corporate donors. He has helped fund a chair at the Bowen Research Center, which studies issues related to family medicine, and the AUL Professor of Business Administration at the IU School of Business.

* * *

Kathleen Warfel, M.D., professor of pathology in the IU School of Medicine and former president of the IUPUI Faculty Council, is the director of our new Office for Women.

By providing educational and professional leadership and developing recruitment and retention programs, the office will help advance the academic and professional interests of women at IUPUI. In so doing it will improve the overall campus climate for all students, faculty, and staff. Start-up monies for the office included funding set aside to support proposals that further the objectives of Indiana University's Strategic Directions Charter.

Kathy will also be instrumental in establishing the IUPUI Commission on Women, which will assist her office in its work and whose members will be named soon.

* * *

One of the most distinguished alumni of our IU School of Law--Indianapolis, John Morton-Finney (class of 1944, the year the former Benjamin Harrison Law School became part of IU) was honored last month by the NAACP.

Born in 1889, John is the oldest practicing lawyer in Indiana, has earned a total of 11 academic degrees in subjects such as mathematics, French, and history, and is the last surviving member of an African American Army regiment called the Buffalo Soldiers, which served the western states in the early 1900s.

John's frequent lectures at our School of Law have helped enlighten generations of students on the evils of racism and the ability of one man or one woman to make a difference.

In cooperation with NBD Bank and the Concord Community Development Corporation, a team of construction design students from the Purdue School of Engineering and Technology will rebuild an abandoned house in Indianapolis's inner city. The students will inspect the property, design a two-bedroom addition, prepare job specifications, and help supervise community volunteers. The project is part of IUPUI's innovative Service Learning program, in which standard class work is combined with community service in a credit-bearing course.

* * *

The Janus Ball for the benefit of the Herron School of Art at IUPUI will be held this year on January 18 at the restored Murat Centre. This event has become an annual cultural highlight for patrons of the arts in Indianapolis. Last year's ball drew some 400 people and raised more than $40,000 for the school. In addition to innovative costumes, the ball hosts a silent auction that features works by some of the city's leading artists.

Those interested in attending this year should call Herron at (317) 920-2418.

* * *

The IUPUI Collegiate license plate has a new look, incorporating an enhanced logo and the red and gold school colors. Revenue from the plates (they cost $25) is dedicated to our Community Service Scholarship Program. Students who earn these scholarships volunteer eight hours a week throughout the year at a service agency or public school in Marion County as part of their academic course work.

If you'd like to sport the hottest plate in town, please call our Alumni Relations Office at (317) 274-8828.

* * *

Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving . . . Gerald L. Bepko, Chancellor